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The PRO Course is a category with the highest level of competition which is designed for professional gunpla builders / professional modeller kits / gunpla builders masters who want to experience the highest challenges, as well as to pursue prestigious achievements. 

Open for Professional Modeller kit / Gunpla Builder Master from all ages. 

In this category, participants will be given a specific challenge rules for all registered entries. 

The specific challenge will be Announcement on 28 June 2021. 

Pro Course Specific Challenge:

As a Professional Builder you are already very used to customizing MG or PG kits, that's why we give this challenge to you.

We want to see your craftsmanship ability and creativity to break through this limitation.

We believe that as a professional builder, you will have no difficulty taking up these challenges.


Choose one from the several types of kits below as Mandatory kit (Kit Wajib):

Caravan Non Grade / Entri Grade Series (4 kinds of option)

- 1/144 HG Fighting Action Endless Waltz Series (7 kinds of option)

Exceed Model Gundam Head Gashapon

Exceed Model Zaku Head Gashapon

Exceed Model Dom Head Gashapon

Entry Grade 1/144 

Specific Rules:

  • You can modify / customizing the kit, improve, enhanced, scratch build, painting, weathering, special effect.
  • Kotobukiya - MSG, Wave - Detailing Part, Bandai - Builder Part is okey, you can use it.
  • No Kit bash at all. (it is forbidden to use parts from outside the selected mandatory kit)
  • No Metal Part.
  • No 3D Printing Part.
  • Can't use finished or semi-finished dioramas, you must build from zero dioramas by your self.
  • beyond what has been mentioned above, will refer to general regulation.

Start Working & WIP:
You can start working after you are registered.
You can start working as early as 28 June 2021, after getting a replay to your registration email containing V-code & an Special Image that must be included when work in progress (WIP). 

WIP photos must include: 
  • condition of the kit before custom process starting (from zero) 
  • in the middle while working on the custom process
  • condition of the kit before painting step
  • in the middle while working on the painting process
  • condition of the kit before finishing
*All WIP photos must be accompanied by special image that is printed on a paper, or displayed on your smart phone near your kit. No editing. 
*Send to GBMC Committee by WA chat. (on the same day you take WIP's photos).

Time Boundary:
1 month WIP limit for all Pro Course Participant.
Submit your entry kit's photos before 28 July 2021, 23:59 WIB (Jakarta Local Time GMT +7)

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