Beginner Course All Entries

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BEGINNER Course All Entries - Photos Exhibition

Entry Number : 21230791 
Christian Cam
Title : The Patrol

Starting from an MS-05B (Mg 1/100) I wanted to represent a Zaku patrolling during the war and recovering certain parts in order to hold out during the fighting.

Entry Number : 21030243
Yanuar Arief Prayogo
Title : Wing Zero of Endless Waltz

Gundam Wing Zero dan pilotnya Heero Yuy, dengan pemandangan hijau bebatuan dan sungai. 

Entry Number : 21162884
Gan Guo Bin
Title : 06-SYR Zaku II Prototype

The 06-SYR Zaku II Prototype is a custom-built Zaku II. It was built in order to test semi-autonomous pilot assistance technology. This technology was envisioned as a method of obtaining higher performance levels from ordinary pilots. 

Entry Number : 22091607

Guntank Indonesian Type, TNI AD 1945. Merupakan senjata pertahanan yang dirancang dalam pertempuran darat dalam segala medan baik dalam hutan ataupun tanah lapang. 

Entry Number : 21152883
Yik Tze Fong
Title : RCX-76-02 Guncannon First Type [Iron Patriot Custom]

This RCX-76-02 Guncannon First Type [Iron Patriot Custom] is heavily inspired by Marvel Iron Patriot and the RX-77AQ Guncannon Aqua from the Thunderbolt series. It is customised such that its equipment/weapons could be changed depending on the mission.

Entry Number : 21122681
Title : Protector of the Red Planet

As the crisis escalated, Tekkadan continued to upgrade the Barbatos Gundam's abilities. So that Barbatos Berserkr was created as the strongest mobile suit. With the power of 4 ahab reactors tuned specifically for combat on mars, making the Barbatos Berserks invincible with power & speed that exceeds the specifications of other mobile suits. And undisputedly earned the title "Protector of the Red Planet".

Entry Number : 21112568
Heri Fahyadi
Title : The Red Samurai

MG 1/100 Zaku II Custom

Entry Number : 21091607

Merupakan pengembangan dari mobile suit sebelumnya yaitu GM SNIPER II , dibuat khusus sebagai unit penembak jitu yang keakuratannya diklaim 99,9% tepat sasaran

Entry Number : 22122681
Title : Shoot for the Freedom of Spacenoids

Zeon who want to liberate themself from Earth Federations. Fighting for their independence. In this war there neither side are right nor wrong. Because both the Zeon and the Earth Federation have their respective arguments which are considered true by each sides.

With the concept of warfare in outer space with zero gravity, so the top-down orientation is different from on Earth. In space Zaku can fire the big gun from any position.

Entry Number : 22112568
Heri Fahyadi
Title : Gasshia

1/144 hg custom

Entry Number : 21220693
Title : Adam

Custom of a MG 1/100 GM Sniper II, Cyberpunk style, inspired by the designs of Deus Ex Human Revolution. 
I customised the mobile suit with kitbash, plaplate, mesh and scribing.
The painting is Lacquer.
The rifle is a non-Bandai plastic model kit.

Entry Number : 21101867
Bachtiar Rifai
Title : The Beast

Bandai MG (1/100) MS Char's Zaku II ver 2.0

Entry Number : 21070944
Title : Char final machine

My rendition for char ultimate machine against earth federation

Entry Number : 21132682
Neo Cheng How Bryan
Title : My protector 

A sword and a gun blade to show the agility of how it could swiftly complete its mission and protects what matters the most to the one controlling it. 

Entry Number : 22070944
Title : Marsfour Saber Gundam

My rendition of Marsfour with extra armor

Entry Number : 21142811
Rahmat nafarin
Title : The Future

use 4th MG Bandai Gundam Series Gundam OO
As well as the future plan the front of humans ( inovator ) to evolved to prepare sustained contact with an alien race to face one day

Entry Number : 21022741

Sd x hg

Entry Number : 21060801
Domi Erfani
Title : Space command

HG GM custom

Entri Number : 21182923
Muh. Qardawi Tenriangka P

Mobile suit Gundam

Entry Number : 21193022
The, Guntur Suyasin Putra
Title : RX-78-2 Solomon Express

This kid is built from Entry Grade RX 78-2 & become RX 78-2 Solomon Express version

Entry Number : 21240794
Olivier GIRARD 
Title : Zaku's Hell and paradise 

This is one piece made whith 2 dioramas, it represent the same place n but one is under war and the other one is under peace. I used 2 exceed zaku's head to do so.

The peacufully one represent a traditional onsen. the onsen is made of real water, with a water pump and a water tank hide inside the diorama. Everything is handmade.

For the sencond one I use the same process of creation, but this time as the onsen is detroyed, I used epoxy to simulate water. I used a scale helicopter model to give a more war vibes .

Each heads have 1 LED in the eye.

Entry Number : 21081057
Rosiyanta Handayani
Title : The Majestic Eternal Kyrios

A God that uses a spear for main weapon and the spear can control the funnel on its shoulder

Entry Number : 21012539
Nova Stephanie Lambey
Title : Point of View

[MG] RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Ver.Ka) VS [MG] RX-02 Banshee Gundam (Ver.Ka), also battle of lining gundam VS custom color gundam.  And give the color of the nickname "Black Lion" to Banshee used 

Entry Number : 21252897
Title : The possessed samuraï

It is therefore an MG GN-X that I have completely revisited. I wanted to give it a look of a possessed samurai (understandable with its name) supported by its asymmetry: on one side, a more aerodynamic, aggressive, warlike look and on the other a side possessed with horns. I wanted these to give the impression of having grown from the inside by bursting the armor to come out. So I did some scribbing, kitbashing (4 kits were used for this custom), made a custom paint (lacquer: Mr Color and Alclad) and I several parts myself with milliput.

Entry Number : 21172925
Julet Adinda
Title : Kawasaki Girl

SPG Kawasaki dibuat dengan kelebihan di dada nya yang menunjukan sisi seksi dari kewanitaannya. motor dari asli GBF ditambah beberapa part dari gundam OOO. gunpla ini bebas nub dan seam line andaikan bisa dipamerkan langsung pengerjaan nya rapi banget sumpah.

Entry Number : 21213029
Janet Gloria
Title : Cosmic Murasaki EX

Originally crafted in the year of the CE-74, Cosmic Murasaki was a marvel for those living in its time. As time went on, the era of the marvelous Cosmic Murasaki has ended and left in the hangar to rust. Years went on, and the Cosmic Murasaki was found by a team of professional historians and mechanical engineers after many years of being in an unknown place. As the Cosmic Murasaki was a marvel of its time, it once again impressed many in the history and mechanical engineering field. It is for that reason that the Cosmic Murasaki was brought back to function, with added power to handle the Wings of Light, with an improved Variable Phase Shift Armor system that could match its colour back to it's known name, a shade of purple (or Murasaki in Japanese) matching the cosmic palette that is known to mankind. Hence, the re-make was dubbed "Cosmic Murasaki EX," and it's performance in space-war still continues to impress. 

Entry Number : 21040442
Ryan aristo utomo
Title : GPB-X80D Beginning D Gundam "Titans"

The GPB-X80D Beginning D Gundam "Titans" is a variant of the Beginning D Gundam featured in Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning D. The Titans Test Team Experimented on the model to make it more mobile and is suited as a High Mobility Model used to Destroy its target before the target even realizes. the model is equipped with 2 types of DODS Rifles from the Gundam AGE-1 for it's main weapon, also equipped with 4 beam sabers where 2 are stored in the forearm and the other 2 on the backpack. the beam sabers on the forearm can be deployed without the need to grab the beam sabers itself. As mentioned it is a high mobility type with the ability to turn into a Mobile Armor for increase in speed. optional Equipments includes a GN-Drive and GN-Missile container providing it with more power output from the GN-Drive and increase in fire power As the output becomes higher. 

Entry Number : 21203028
Alvin Febrianto
Title : The Destroyer

A heavily armed and armored mobile suit, this Gundam has the highest offensive and defensive power, Specializing in artillery warfare for fleet battles and assaulting enemy strongholds, but is not meant for anti-mobile suit combat, its only melee weapon is a pair of Beam Sabers in the elbow, In a pinch This Mobile suit can deattached all armament for decoy or escape, just armed with a dual Handgun, perfect for a short term battle

Entry Number : 21050826
I Putu Mandra Wedha
Title : The sunset after war

Zaku berdiri setelah perang di kota hancur saat petang

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