David Alvarez

by - 28.7.21

Profile Introduction:

Hi, my name is David Alvarez aka Mobile Suit Workshop, I'm a french professional concept artist working for entertainment industry (Assassin's creed, the division, Wolfenstein...) and edition (Warhammer, Magic ...) you can check out my pro work here : https://david_alvarez.artstation.com/ or here : https://www.instagram.com/david_alvarez_art/ and my Model Kit page : https://www.instagram.com/mobilesuitworkshop/.

I love building plastic robots during my spare time. I'm a newb in model kit (only since May 2019) but I work hard to do my best. I design my mechs before building and I try to fit with it when I build it for real.

I'm a member of the Gunpla builder team "Gunpla_Colony", a French builder association.


David Alvarez, Master Gunpla Builder

My Story:
I started model kits and Gunpla since May 2019 (a newb). When I worked on Wolfenstein, a lot of robots have a Ma.K mood and I collect a lot of references to make my design in game.

So after a lot of time drawing robots for this video game, I would like to try to make one for real.

After Ma.K I tried Gunpla to multiply customization possibilities and as I’m Japan animation fan, I fall in love with Gundam anime serie after.


This is my favorite work on gunpla and model kit, drawing first my model and make for real. So it’s the reason that my favorite thing in gunpla is the customization, to scratch build, scribing, custom painting.

In my job, I spend 8 hours drawing per day front of my screen and tablet, it’s very important for me “to disconnect”, playing basket, taking photos and now, building model kits.

And it’s probably the main reason I’ll never use a 3D printer because I love to make these things with my hands.

I love transforming everyday objects into parts of my gunplas.



My first gunpla kit in 2019, a MG RX-78-Ver3 won the second place of ROG contest, a famous Gunpla shop in Paris, this little victory encourages me to continue making gunplas.

So in 2020, my dio “Last Dance” won The European GBC40.


What makes your work so special and makes you a Champion?

I think I have the chance with my job and passion, the drawing and painting to design and imagine my own mechs. So, usually, for Gunpla I choose a kit I like and I use as base to imagine a customization.

I try to propose a peculiar design and make it after using others kits parts or scratch built parts.


About GB Master Championship:

I love this kind of contest, because is an international contest. It’s very interesting to view same kits interpreted by different cultures.

Each country takes part of its culture with it and I find the gunpla is very rich as a medium, it allows you to have a good overview of the world's artistic trends.


Important things for participants:

I pay a lot of attention to the proportions and consistency of the build but originality is for me the best quality of an entry, it’s of course necessary that the realization is well executed too.

My message to all gunpla builders around the world:  
Continue to build whatever your level because the most important thing is to have fun and stimulate the imagination.

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