Jumrern Pasri

by - 28.7.21

Profile Introduction:
my name jumrern pasri I am Thai person who loves all forms of art, l am painter on model kits I like various art paintings. 
Jumrern Pasri, Master Gunpla Builder

My Story:
I got to know Gunpla two years ago when I went to buy birthday present for my son. But then it was the beginning of being my modeler And for model work, and I have an idea that art and model can be created together. And currently I'm creating art on gunpla kits. and on various models such as fighter planes, various figures, or even Warhammer until made me known for being Painter on model 

After I got to know Gunpla, I used my artistic talent to combine them. Until I was able to succeed in the domestic gunpla competition every time. and most recently at a high level I won the G40 gunpla builder 2020 contest in thailand. 

What makes your work so special and makes you a Champion?
What is the highlight of me is Never-ending and always innovative ideas. and the important thing is Excellent freehand paint 

About GB Master Championship
During the stressful times with the COVID-19 virus situation Organizing this stress-relieving activity It's very good I was surprised Why doesn't my country hold this kind of competition?, and I definitely appreciate your country's organizing this kind of event. Really great 👍 

Important things for participants
There are no fixed rules for creating works. The main thing is artistic beauty. and always new ideas, It's a measure that you are the most deserving creator of the award.

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