Mark Alexander

by - 28.7.21

Profile Introduction:
Hi, My name is Mark Alexander Ierwanto, I'm a Gunpla Builder from Indonesia, warmest greetings to everyone. 
Mark Alexander, Master Gunpla Builder

My Story:
I've been a best fan of Gundam since kindergarten, through watching the anime. At first, I got a Gundam plastic model kit as a gift for me. Initially I made my first kit at a very young age, so I assembled the kit just according to the manual book provided in the box. 
I  have assembled various model kits several times when I was a child, but I only really got serious about this gunpla builder hobby when I was 10 years old. 
At that time I started buying my own kit and started trying various techniques, I learned it from youtube and IG from various professional gunpla builders, especially Japanese builders. That's when I started buying basic equipment to build a model kit. My parents are very supportive with my hobby and they are willing to buy them for me :)
When I was in 7th grade of Junior High school, I started trying to join in the Gunpla Builder competition which held in my city for the first time. Thanks God that I won 2nd place winner. 
Since then I have discovered a new world that is very challenging for me and really motivates me to take a more seriously involved into this hobby.
I'm eager to try and doing my best to make a better work in the next competition by learning and trying new techniques, sometimes I even innovate to build something completely new.
I prefer to put myself as a challenger than a champion, there are still many new things to learn, even the world of gunpla is very interesting and many things can be developed freely here.

2nd Winner East Indonesia GBWC Preliminary 2017 (Surabaya)
Indonesia 2nd Place GBWC 2017 Junior B
Indonesia Champion GBWC 2018 Junior
Indonesia Representative World Championship GBWC 2018 (Final GBWC)
World Champion GBWC 2018 Junior (Final GBWC - Tokyo, Japan)
Jakarta 1st Place GBWC 2019 Open A
Indonesia Champion GBWC 2017 Open A

What makes your work so special and makes you a Champion?
I always want to do everything starting from a strong concept. After that I tried to do all the processes as good as possible, as perfect as possible according to my standards. Of course perfection is a goal to achieve, after all it's a process for getting better every time, no one can deny it.
I always try to get the very best in every aspect, therefore every process of making a model kit must be really enjoyed but seriously at the same time, if there is an unsatisfactory part in a process, make it again until it is satisfied your heart.

For me, the originality of the work is a must, this is what makes your model kit represent yourself. To create an Outstanding model kit is actually quite easy, because everyone is special person and if the work presents itself, the work automatically becomes a special work.
Being a champion is not just being able to make good, beautiful works and having high craftsmanship skills. More than that, every champion's work must have a Soul, have a Spirit that could be seen by the audience. So it deserves to be considered a Masterpiece.

About GB Master Championship
This GB Master Championship event is very good in my opinion, in this competition it opens up opportunities for new builders and beginners. With detailed and clear regulations that can open up the widest opportunity to maximize the work.
In addition to awarding the champion, there are many special award opportunities that are offered, I think this is great because it can accommodate various talents of builders who of course also have special abilities that are different from one another.
Even we are judges who gathered here also have a very striking difference in the style and ability of craftsmanship, this is very interesting for me. We can learn many new things from different perspectives. This is a good opportunity to develop ourselves to the fullest.
Outstanding event for sure.

Important things for participants
One thing that deserves attention is how to get the maximum score in all the existing assessment criteria, the 5 kinds of aspects. Remember that every aspect never stands alone, in my opinion everything is always related to each other. Therefore the concept and originality of ideas is the main core.
I also want to add, it would be very good if a model kit is seen as having soul and aura, is what makes it a champion masterpiece. 

My message to all gunpla builders around the world 
Don't be hesitate to start trying something new when building a model kit, never be afraid to break. Keep having fun. Try experimenting with something new. 
Keep working positively and let us take this hobby to the next level so that the wider community can accept it and at the same time giving pride in our hobby activities.

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