Ryan Lau

by - 28.7.21

Profile Introduction:
Hi. My Name is Ryan Lau. I am a gunpla builder from Canada. My IG account is @gunpla_enthusiast and my twitter handle is @gunpla_enthusia. Please follow my accounts to view my works in progress and all my previous builds! I love connecting with others. 

Ryan Lau, Master Gunpla Builder

My Story:
I built my FIRST kit when I was a kid back in the early 90s. I got back into gunpla when I was in University, but at that time, I only snap built kits and did some detailed hand painting with acrylics... nothing extravagant. Then it wasn't until 2016 after we had our second daughter that I decided to jump back into building and start CUSTOMIZING gunpla for the first time. That opened up a whole new world for me!! I started off with simple recoloring of kits and that was when I learned how to use an airbrush. Then with every build after that, I tried out new techniques. I am still learning and challenging myself to this day. That is the wonderful thing about gunpla! There is so much to learn and so many ways of customizing! 

In 2017, I joined my first online competition for Zakuaurelius' Custom Zaku contest. I won first place in that contest. Following that contest, I won 3rd place in Canada's GBWC with my custom White Dingo GM sniper II. In 2018, I won 1st in Canada's GBWC with my custom Kshatriya Besserung build and had the honor of representing Canada in Japan's GBWC world finals. I ranked 4th place in the World finals for GBWC and managed to receive a special corporate sponsor Award. In 2021, I joined Zakuarelius' Clean Vs Weathered online build contest and won 2nd place in the Clean category. 

What makes your work so special and makes you a Champion?
I focus a lot on clean techniques. Not only in the paint work and application, but also in the execution of any modified details. Ever since the very beginning, I always focused on perfecting (to the best of my ability) basic modelling skills. From cleaning up nub marks, to adding plaplate details and scribing, I would try to execute those mods in the cleanest way possible. I try to make the mods not "look" like mods but make them to look as if they were actually part of the original kit and design. I love subtle mechanical details. 

About GB Master Championship
I think it is a wonderful event that includes people of all different skill levels! At the end of the day, Gunpla is a HOBBY. Whether people want to just snap together a build or go crazy with customization, the end goal is to have fun and seek enjoyment out of it! This event helps to promote that and it also helps to introduce others into the hobby! 

Important things for participants
I think in order for a piece to be considered a masterpiece, all aspects of the assessment criteria will have to be executed at the highest level. Everything starts with a good concept and idea, but stopping there will only go so far. The marriage of a great concept and the flawless execution of it is what will bring the piece to the next level. A piece that requires no explanation where the viewers will automatically understand the story and be DRAWN into it, is what makes it a champion masterpiece. 

My message to all gunpla builders around the world 
Have fun and challenge yourself with every build!

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