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by - 13.7.21


Students Course All Entries - Photos Exhibition

Entry Number : 31022106
Title : Guardian of The Dragon Gem

Description : 
On the peak of hidden valley-Shangri La, a brave warrior stands gallantly. With the arm cannon and a long crescent blade, he's ready to guard the most precious treasure descended by his ancestor, called "The Dragon Gem". It is said that the gem has an incredible magic inside. It contains the soul of a dragon. It can bring prosperity, charms, wealth, luck, super power, and even eternity to those who's able to unleash its magic. No wonder that a lot of people are dying to look for this gem. But, it can also bring destruction to the world if used by the greedy and wrong hands. 

Entry Number: 31042508
Title : Galbaldy ReRise Dragon Slayer

Galbaldy ReRise, getting fiercer and stronger against his enemies mercilessly. With the protection of Green Armor that is full of battle proven scratches, this Gundam increasingly shows its very powerful and charismatic aura. Its main weapon is its power that  able to destroy the enemy's metal frames until it is shattered to pieces. With his main weapon the Crushing Hammer and Super Canon, his nickname is the Dragon Slayer.

Entry Number: 31103080
Title : Lighting Gundam : Death From Above

Enhanced Lightning Gundam, armed with a mega beam sniper to destroy enemies with a single shot. Base Jaber as the main support for hiding in the sky is the right combination to do a silent kill.

Entry Number : 31111002
Title : Red Sea Monster

Description :
An urban legend says; that the sea near my house on the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean is inhabited by a very large red sea monster. Since many shipwrecks are scattered on our shores, fishermen also often tell about it. Our house is located on a small island far far away from civilization and it turns out I just found that this war has been going on for 1 year. The Red Sea monster turned out to be an Amphibious Mecha combat unit. This Year is UC 0080.

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