GB Master Championship 

All Indonesia Open Championship.

Open to all Indonesia citizens, residents of Indonesia, temporary residence and Foreigner.

Open Internationally, foreign participants from outside Indonesia are welcome and allowed to take part in this championship.

If you successfully win this championship, your work will be announced and displayed as a winner on the official GB Master Championship website. We provide an E-certificate as an appreciation for your achievement. 

*However all prizes cannot be claimed for foreigners due our sponsorship policy.


Championship Period

GBMC 2021 will be held staring in May 2021 until August 2021.

  • Open Registration start from 10 May 2021.
  • Registration (Application) deadline 30 June 2021, 23:59 WIB (Jakarta local time GMT+7)
  • Submit Entry deadline 28 July 2021, 23:59 WIB (Jakarta local time GMT+7)
  • Online Exhibition 2-8 August 2021
  • Audience Polling 2-7 August 2021
  • Judging 2 August 2021
  • Result Announcement & Online Awards Ceremony held in 8 August 2021
  • All Winner Model kits Exhibition Start from 9 August 2021


Pro Course 

Open for Professional Modeller kit / Gunpla Builder Master from all ages. 

In this category, participants will be given a specific challenge rules for all registered entries.

The specific challenge will be Announcement on 28 June 2021.


Beginner Course

Age 18 years old and above.

This category is only for participants who have never won any model kit competitions.


Students Course

High School Students (SMP-SMU atau setaranya), Age 10 – 18 years old.

This category is only for participants who have never won any model kit competitions.

Judging Criteria

The criteria for judging will be on Concept (idea), Custom (craftsmanship), PaintingMechanical Design, and Photography (appearance).


The models will be evaluated and the winner will be selected by a group of International Judges.

International Professional Gunpla Builder:
Mark Alexander 
(World Champion GBWC 2018 Junior, Indonesia Champion GBWC 2019 Open A, Indonesia Champion GBWC 2018 Junior, Indonesia 1st Runner Up GBWC 2017 Junior B.)
Ryan Lau  
(Canada Champion GBWC 2018, Men's Bigen World Special Awards GBWC 2018, Canada 3rd Place GBWC 2017 Open.)
Jumrern Rern Pasri 
(Thailand Champion G40BC, Kawaguchi Special Awards GBWC 2019)
David Alvarez 
(European Champion G40BC)
Academics & Experts in Mechanical Design:
Yopi Yusuf Tanoto, M.T. 
(Mechanical Design Experts , Lecturers of PETRA Christian University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.)
Sponsors Awards:
Kawasaki Executive & Luna Executive.



To be eligible to enter to the competition, an individual entrant must comply with all the provisions in the category that is being followed

General Rules

·       The model must be created with plastic model kits, no bootleg kit, no resin kit.

·       The model must be made by the entrant.

·       Use of MSG, Builder part and others customs part are allowed.

·       Use of metal Part is allowed.

·       There is no limit on the dimensions of the model kit, but we limit the size of your photo to only 1MB / photo.

·       Each Entry must submit 8 Photos: (total max 8MB)

1.     Main View photo (Main Display Photo), this photo will be used as a display photo which will later be displayed at the online exhibition.

2.     Photo four directions of view; Front View, Rear View, Left View, Right View. 

3.     Detail Photos, choose the 3 that best shows your unique abilities. 

·       Parts which have been made using a 3D printer will be not judged.

·       Contestant work, description and other details which are against any rules and regulation from this contest will be forfeited from the contest without any prior notice. 

·       By participating in GB Master Championship, the contestant acknowledges the rules and regulations of the contest.



GBMC Committee has the right to disqualify the entry or delete images from the website if the model is or may be considered as listed below.

  • Other person work.
  • Work which is mimicked or copied off of someone else's work.
  • We prohibit the entries of any work which encroach or may encroach upon any third party's portrait rights, intellectual property rights such as copyright and any other rights. (i.e.: No company logos, trademarks, or product lettering (etc.) may be used (unless prior permission has been obtained from the rights-holder). The entrant will be fully responsible for its settlement as well as any cost which may occur in case of any disputes resulting from the submitted models. 
  • Work which is contrary to morality or public order.


  • ·       Audiences and other participants can report entries deemed to have violated regulations to the committee before 7 July 2021 via the committee's email accompanied by evidence of evidence of violation.
  • ·       The organizer will contact the contestants directly if an investigation is required. 
  • ·       If the contestant cannot be contacted, his / her work will be forfeited. 
  • ·       During the investigation, contestants are required to submit photos for further reference.
  • ·       If the contestant is unable to provide a photo, his / her work will be forfeited. 
  • ·       For contestants who have been proven to have violated one of the rules and regulations, the organizer has all the rights to disqualify the winners and collect all the prizes that have been awarded. 
  • ·       Contestants who use copyrighted backgrounds / characters that will damage the third party's mark, may not be able to join the contest or will be asked to remove the content.
  • ·       Contestants may need to seek approval if they are using third party backgrounds that they have purchased online or from any search engine.
  • ·       Contestants are allowed to use their previous work that they have submitted for another contest. As long as the work has never won or received any awards. 

Use of submitted work by GB Master Championship Committee and Organizer.

By entering, contestants agree to GBMC Committee, Organizer and others who are appointed by GBMC Committee (us) to use submitted works (photograph, title, comments, winning models' images, images which were sent to us for the judging) for the purposes listed below;

Contestants also agree to us deciding to release or not to release entrants' name, age, area of residency (city) as information regarding the entrants. 

1.     Publishing in GB Master Championship official website, other websites organized by us, our social media channels, media partners site and publications.

2.     Publishing in Our Main Sponsor Channels (website, social media, TVC, Promotion Material) in our agreement.

3.     Displaying Images at various events organized by us.

4.     Publishing in other forms for the purpose of promoting this competition.

Contestants agree to us altering images by adjusting colors, cropping, correcting typographical errors in comments and title, editing comments etc. for the purposes listed above.

Confidentiality agreement

By entering the competition, entrants agree to GBMC Committee & Organizer using personal information in the conditions listed below.

1.     Managing entries to this competition.

2.     Contacting entrants to verify information and/or to announce winners, as well as general inquiry or correspondence.

3.     Displaying the submitted work with the contestant's name etc., as well as other purposes for using works.

*All decisions of the judges and committee cannot be contested


RESULT of GB Master Championship 2021